PHC Philosophy

The vision of Physical Health Center is to produce happy, fit, comfortable people who enjoy life. Enjoy growing and enjoy the benefits of your advanced neuro-muscular-skeletal system. The vision is for people to be in communication with and have input into the way their bodies perform.


Picture your whole self as a super-computer. The mind is the hard drive of the body. There are numerous programs being processed that may be closed or shut down.  Therefore, there are programs that need to be run and there is data that o longer functions that can be deleted.  Is there an anti-virus or spam control?  Where does all of this information get stored? In your body.  The human body is the resting ground for all information sensed by the super-computer.


It is the vision of Physical Health Center that you know and learn more about your computer, restore what is valued and let go of what is useless.  By doing so, you will have the input and knowledge of what your body is storing and how it is functioning.


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