PHC Philosophy

Physical Health Center represents the increasing desire of those who want healthy, fit, strong, balanced lives. These can be business executives, homemakers, athletes, students, etc. … basically, the huge diversity that represents each one of us. In other words, EVERYONE.  The practice of Pilates works for ALL, regardless of age, career, gender, athletic abilities, etc. It truly is an equal opportunity health benefit! 

Our common denominator? We are ALL human! Imagine your whole self as a super-computer. The mind is the hard drive of the body. There are numerous programs being processed that may be shut down.  Therefore, there are programs that need to be run. Or, there may be data that no longer functions that can be deleted. Is there an anti-virus or spam control?   So, where does all of this information regarding the shut downs, deletions, virus and spam control get stored? …in your body.  The human body is the resting ground for all information sensed by the super-computer. Obviously, this needs continual “defragging” [computer term for realignment and making programs work smoothly again] and Pilates is one of the most efficient, precise exercise systems ever developed to achieve complete body and mind realignment.
Leslie LaForest can assess and evaluate you and your personal ‘computer’ to assist in the changes necessary for improvement. Learning more about your computer, allows for restoration of what is valued: stamina, strength, longevity and stability.


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