Group classes are offered to give you the sense of belonging and camaraderie in a non-judgmental setting.  Incorporating our classes into your life will help improve your posture, increase strength, endurance, and empower you toward greater confidence.

Floor Pilates Class: Strengthen and stretch your muscles, blast through restricted fascia, release those ‘knots’ while learning how to keep joints moving freely and getting the blood flowing. These classes vary using mat exercises originally developed by Joseph Pilates, as well as updated integration of foam rolling, balls, stretch-out-straps, resistance bands, etc.

“Fit in 45”:  Using the exercises and techniques developed for “High Intensity Interval Training” and Tabata routines, it’s a workout that pushes to the max within timed intervals. Great for aerobic and stamina building, this class will make you SWEAT!

Pilates Apparatus:   Utilizing the Pilates principles of fitness for long, strong and lean movements on the apparatus that Joseph Pilates, himself, designed. The Tower, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel Ladder are each uniquely fitted with springs, bars, and/or straps that you will learn how to use properly for the most effective results, with precision and ease.