Getting Started

By visiting our website, you took the first step in finding out what “Physical Health Center” is all about.  Browse the site and gather a bit of information to get started.

  • Take the next step and call us to schedule your complimentary consultation. Please allow approximately 45 minutes for this appointment.
  • We will meet with you at The Physical Health Center, where you will get a feel for the atmosphere and talk with a certified trainer.  We will work with you to determine your current fitness level and assist you in setting reasonable, attainable goals that are consistent with your lifestyle and work schedule.
  • Today’s schedules are busy, but giving yourself this important gift of health will give your family many more years of the healthy, happy person you know you can be!
  • Ask yourself a few questions:
  1. Is Physical Health Center somewhere you can see yourself working out?
  2. Can you make a time commitment to yourself?
  3. Can you make a financial commitment to yourself?

If you answered yes to these questions, then call us today at 863-651-8032 to get started on this amazing journey!