Meet Your Trainer, Leslie LaForest

Leslie is an experienced Pilates Instructor and became certified through The PhysicalMind Institute, NY in 2000.

She became certified in the method of Pilates after she herself experienced the benefits.  For years Leslie had chronic pain.  She was “diagnosed” with Sciatica by the age of 16!  The pain was tolerated, however, it became worse as she grew older and by her late 20’s she had been on pain meds, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, and anti-depressants.  None of this took away the pain she felt between her shoulders, her low back, down the right leg… not to mention the mental pain and anguish of living in pain!

Leslie’s journey to healing began at a chiropractor, then included massage and eventually led her to the Pilates method of Physical Conditioning.  The exercises made sense and Leslie developed a deep level of awareness to the “inside” muscles of the body, beyond the large muscles and joints that continually ached.  By stretching and building the smaller muscles, under the surface, the joint and spinal muscles became strong and pain free!

This freedom and knowledge led her to earn certifications in other fitness disciplines and alternative healing therapies, as well.  As a Health Coach, Leslie educates and empowers her clients to be able to make better over-all health related decisions. As a Pilates Instructor, she motivates and encourages each person to achieve their best physical self through guided instruction and classes.