Studio Etiquette

In order for each client to maximize their experience at Physical Health Center, we would like to ask that all of our clients honor the following requests:

  • Please enter the studio quietly.  Much physical effort is required throughout many of the exercises, so please be considerate of the work being performed by the previous client.
  • Upon entering the studio, please remove your shoes and place them in the designated area at the front.  Since we are a barefoot studio, it is important that we maintain a clean, safe floor surface that is free of debris.
  • Please ensure that your phone ringer is off or on vibrate prior to beginning your session or class.  We understand that exceptions need to be made in the event of an emergency situation, but we do request consideration for the noise levels.
  • If you arrive early for your session, please be seated quietly, proceed to the restroom to change your clothes (if needed) and / or begin foam-rolling quietly until your session commences.  Our goal at PHC is to provide the most attentive, educational and quality session to each client during a class or training session.

         Thank you!